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Release & Restore: heal body through the mind

Wednesdays 9 -10:30 am CST


All levels movement and breath work. Different theme weekly that connects physical distress, limiting beliefs & energy systems to come home to self. What needs to be release in order to be restored?


"I feel so at home during your class. Thank you." 

"I am so grateful to learn from you. This class made me feel stronger-especially in mind, more relaxed, and very peaceful."

"Far exceeded my expectations, both physically and mentally. I released so much pent up stuff."

Journey through the 7 Chakras

Fridays 9-10:30 am CST


Explore the chakra system as a tool to understand where your body codes emotions and experiences throughout your life

Gain a deeper understanding of how this information is stored and what it is trying to tell you about unresolved pain, tightness & distress

Hold postures associated with each energy system, and explore your relationship to yourself in the process

Practice breath control techniques (pranayama) to harness your life force and take back the power of your thoughts to purify the state of your mind



"This made me fall in love with yoga all over again."

"I was so moved by your class. I felt present and centered in my body. I was balanced all day."

"I felt like I met myself for the first time."

"That was a full on workshop. You challenged me so much more than just physically. I have never taken a yoga class like that before."


Sign up:

To register for classes you will make a donation via Venmo or PayPal with your email & day of class. You will receive a zoom link before class begins.  These classes are designed to be accessible to anyone at anytime, so please remember that although there is a suggested donation, you can donate any amount. Classes are NOT recorded. We are showing up to practice together in real time.

Donation: Suggested $10-20

Venmo @HannahRose-Alexander

Paypal to or

Healing & Intuitive Coaching

You may be interested in a session for a number of reasons. Old problems and bad habits may be surfacing right now. Maybe you are struggling with addiction, self sabotage, chronic pain or stressful relationships.  Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, unappreciated, anxious, angry...


Whatever the reason, you can't seem to bounce back from the myriad of feelings you are experiencing.


You are allowed to be a high functioning healthy individual and ask for some guidance. Think of it like an oil change. When was the last time you took a good look under the hood?


Together we will tap into some of your blindspots that are driving your behaviors, physical distress and life circumstances. Learn how to uncover these subconscious beliefs and overcome them to feel better FAST. 

Check out what people are saying about their experience:


"I feel like I just met myself for the first time. My pain is completely gone and now that I understand why it showed up it doesn't have any power over me anymore."

"I felt alive after our session. I have been so down about everything and now I feel like there is something I can do about it. I feel more capable."

"I can breathe again. It's like the stress dial got turned all the way down. I can still tell it's there but it doesn't have any power over me. Wow."

"I am feeling so much more relaxed and peaceful. I feel like my gut isn't so knotted up. My shoulders and back have relaxed for the first time since this thing started."

"That was so quick and easy I can't believe more people don't know about this. I can't believe I didn't know about it. What a release."

Make an appointment:

Sessions are roughly 1-1.5 hours. They can be one-on-one or family/group. All you need is a notebook, pen, a quiet space and optional yoga mat.

Suggested donation is $50-60 (compared to the usual hourly rate of $85). 

Let me emphasize that the most important thing now is that this transformative work is accessible to anyone at any time. Give what you can.

Make a donation via Venmo @HannahRose-Alexander or

Paypal and we'll set up a zoom appointment.

A little about the donation based system…


In Buddhism, and many other spiritual traditions, the practice of giving/donating is called Dana, which translates as generosity. The Buddha said that wisdom teachings cannot be measured through money (it is priceless), so traditionally, donations of food and provisions were made to the monks and nuns so they could continue to offer their teachings to all.


I have been contemplating offering my services on a Dana system, and I thought now, more than ever is the right time to try it out. I know times are hard for many of us financially, and I want as many people as possible to practice during these uncertain and challenging times. This being said, teaching and bodywork is my full time vocation, and I rely on your support for continuing to offer these classes and devote my life to sharing the dharma, or soul purpose.


Dana can also be given by sharing these teachings to your friends, partners, children, or spreading the word about the class…please just give what you can from your heart.


If these livestream classes go well, I will keep them ongoing for as long as they are sustainable. If there are additional requests or suggestions for class types / times please connect with me!



Yin Yoga + Reflexolo-chi™

Feburary 16th, 2020

Sunday at 4 PM – 5:30 PM

at Paradise Suite, Isla Mujeres

Join Michelle LeHegarate and Hannah Rose Alexander for 90 minutes of bliss.

Yin Yoga:
In Yin Yoga we hold a series of passive postures that work with body’s meridian system of Chinese traditional medicine. Through a combination of breath and gravity we dig deep into the connective tissue throughout the body. The practice aims to increase circulation, improve flexibility and regulate the body's flow of energy.

Adding to the amazing benefits of Yin practice, we will also experience Reflexolo-chi™ with certified reflexologist Hannah Rose Alexander.

Reflexolo-chi™: Chi = Energy
Reflexolo-chi™ is so much more than just a therapeutic foot massage. It works with subtle energy flow in the body through reflex zones in the feet in order to relieve pain, reduce stress and induce deep relaxation.

It is based off of traditional reflexology principles, which contend that the feet mirror the anatomy of the body. Through massaging reflex zones of the foot, reflexolo-chi™ addresses the health of every muscle, organ and gland in the body in order to release pent up tension.

Reflexolo-chi™ understands pain, illness and dis-ease as a reflection of emotional tension patterns that have accumulated in specific organ systems, often mirroring their physiological function.

The practice of Reflexolo-chi™ aims to release these layers of tension and facilitate the body's own capacity for healing.

We are so excited to share this practice of yoga, meridian work and energy healing with you.

350 pesos
Mats, props & essential oils provided but if you have a mat bring it for more comfort!
*Local discount available with ID

Monday 4/27 6 PM EST
Instagram LIVE
Join me to tap into the subconscious beliefs that hold us back-- and practice a rapid way to overcome them.
Learn about my journey of healing chronic illness and going blind at age 18.