Integrated Healing

What is your body trying to tell you about the state of your health and well-being? 


Welcome to where bodywork meets emotional therapy. Combining the best of modern psychology, complimentary medicine and massage, integrated healing works with the WHOLE being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & energetic). Discover how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are directly linked to physical pain and life circumstances. 

Each session is completely unique, guided by intuition and connection. Every session begins with an assessment to determine what is the highest priority for healing in the moment. The goal is to release blockages to optimal health, happiness & vitality. Sessions will empower you with a new understanding of the nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all. Relieve pain, reduce stress and allow forgiveness and wisdom to lead the way to transformational healing.

Return to a state of physical and emotional balance, beyond what you ever believed was possible

What to expect

Kind words from clients​. Check out what others are saying about their experience with this powerful healing work.


Reflexolo-chi™ is a gentle and therapeutic foot massage that facilitates the body's own capacity for healing.

Our feet mirror our body and reflect the health of every muscle, organ and gland in our body and how they are functioning.


Through gentle massage of reflex zones in the feet, Reflexolo-chi™ helps your whole body relax and release pent up tension, allowing you to feel immediate relief from the symptoms that prompted your visit.


Reflexolo-chi™ tunes into each person's unique invisible vibrational network, known as chi, meaning “energy" in order to work with, as opposed to on the body. 

When a thought or belief is true for us or has a strong emotional charge to it, there is a specific vibration in the body. When we tune into this subtle yet powerful vibration, we can discern what is in our highest good.


Through this innate guidance system, we can understand how emotional tension patterns are held in the body over our lifetime. This allows you to understand how your thoughts contribute to illness and disease and how you can be an active participant in your own healing.

Reflexolo-chi™ activates the parasympathetic nervous system to slow down the heart and restore the body. It is an incredible practice to relieve pain, reduce stress and induce deep relaxation.

EFT & Meridian Tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a method of stimulating meridian points and releasing negative emotion from the body in order to reduce stress and restore balance.
EFT allows us to acknowledge, honor and release negative emotion trapped in the body. We can take any feeling of stress, anxiety, fear, panic, anger, from a 10 to a 1 in a matter of minutes. Ultimately this brings the body back to state of safety and security, reducing the emotional intensity of experiences and memories. 

 It is part of the field of energy psychology, adapted from thought field therapy. The purpose of EFT is to allow the negative emotion trapped in the body to release, in order to allow positive emotion to enter. 


Emotions are energy vibration. The meridian points used in EFT are inspired by Chinese acupuncture and the same are used in Ayurvedic and mayan medicine. EFT honors the origin of the meridians but also includes other types of elements and mind body awareness as you tap. While tapping on the ends of meridian points you focus on negative emotion, which activates the amygdala, the emotional processing center. You then go through a cycle of acknowledging subconscious behaviors, feelings and beliefs in order to allow them to be released and for the body to return to a state of security and safety. Then you are able to integrate positive and life affirming belief systems into the mind and body. 


Sessions are unique and completely individualized based on the highest priority for healing in the moment. We may use a combination of practices (ex: meridian tapping, breath work, matrix healing, subconscious belief repatterining, chakra clearing, yoga etc.) to get to the root cause of pain and distress.

When we combine EFT with other types of healing, we can learn to recall present and past stressful life experiences without any emotional disruption or stress, which is obviously extremely useful, as negative past memories keep the body in a state of stress and can contribute to disease.

Subconscious beliefs & inner child

When it isn't safe for us to fully feel, acknowledge or express our feelings where do they go?

Much of the physical pain, tension and discomfort in the body stems from unresolved emotional wounds-- known as the mind body connection.

Subconscious beliefs are agreements we have in our mind that are tucked away in the subconscious mind, causing a “blind spot” in our ability to resolve a troubling issue. Addressing core beliefs is an important aspect of disease treatment and optimal emotional health.

The goal of subconscious belief work is to dismantle old dysfunctional teachings, social conditioning, habits and behaviors.

Together, in partnership with Reflexolo-chi™ or EFT the process can release years of emotional baggage and unrest.


Example limiting beliefs that hold us back:

"My worth is in my work." "Love has to be earned. "I will never be enough."

Through releasing limiting beliefs and integrating healthy subconscious beliefs, we unleash the potential to develop new neural pathways and cell regeneration within the body. 

This work to dig deep can be rapid, pain free and transformative. It is the most BRAVE and COURAGEOUS work to see yourself beyond the shame, guilt and fear of the former self. This is where healing begins.

"Hannah is an emotional pipe cleaner. With empathy, compassion, and unmatched wisdom, she is able to help you deep clean the emotional trauma from your life both physically and metaphorically. Very rarely have I felt so heard, seen, validated, cleansed, uplifted, and moved in such a safe space. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my soul while also feeling more grounded and secure. Following my Reflexolo-chi™ session it was the first time in 7 years that I haven't woken up with discomfort in my neck. I cannot recommend this work with Hannah enough."

—  Ari A.

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