Healing through vulnerability, connection and play

Hannah Rose mentorship, coaching & intuitive healing

I offer a personalized holistic healing experience that empowers you with tools to heal yourself.

I am happy to offer private sessions that take place both in-person and/or remotely. Sessions can be individual or group.

The focus of each session will be determined by an intake form, an intuitive energy reading or based upon your astrological chart. 


discount available for residents of Isla Mujeres, MX








Here are some modalities that may be included in your session:

  • Blueprint Snapshot: Assessment of physical pain, illness and tension that reflects the root cause of emotional and mental patterns, based off of the work of Louise Hay and Caroline Myss

  • Tarot Spreads and Card Energy Readings: Intuitive guidance, messages and wisdom from your spirit guides, angels and ancestors

  • Astropsychology and Element Theory: Astrology natal chart reading and how the constitution of your elements informs your personality and what is needed for balance

  • EFT Tapping: In the field of Energy psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique is a method of stimulating meridian points while giving voice to suppressed negative emotion in order to release it from the body

  • Breathwork Journey: Breathing techniques and guided meditations to access and clear trapped energy, calm nervous system & return to homeostasis

  • Inner Child Healing: Powerful re-parenting technique for unmet and unhealed wounds in order to live with everlasting self acceptance and validation. A tool to heal from psychological trauma, toxic patterns, addictions and self-harming behaviors

  • Subconscious Beliefs & Conscious Repatterining: Dismantle subconscious agreements, dysfunctional teachings, social conditioning, habits and behaviors. Through neuroplasticity, unleash the potential to develop new neural pathways and cell regeneration within the body

  • Intuitive Guidance and Reflective Coaching: Understand your life path through spiritual insights, past life karma, synchronicities, numerology signs, animal totem messages and higher self intuition

  • Chakra Knowledge and Clearing: Similar to reiki, in depth understanding and clearing of the 7 foundational energy systems and how, where and why information, thoughts and feelings are stored in body​ 

  • Energy Medicine Yoga: Meridian tracing, tapping and acupressure exercises for balancing body's energy systems, clear the electromagnetic auric field and increase vitality 

  • Play: Creative exploration through music, song, dance & games to move through the stuck energies of shame and vulnerability 

  • Reflexolo-chi Therapeutic Foot Massage: Energetic foot massage based on Reflexology, using reflex zones in the feet that reflect the health of every muscle, organ and gland in the body

  • Essential Oil Wellness: Learn about different therapeutic grade oils for healing emotional, physical or mental imbalances. Also for cooking, cleaning and lifestyle!

  • Soulwork homework: Post session journal prompts, affirmations, resources and educational tools for spiritual, emotional and mental endurance through healing

Come as you are for each session. Whether in person or through zoom, all you need is a notebook, pen and yoga mat. 


Healing & coaching sessions are $125 USD/hour. Discounts are available for long-term work and pre-purchased sessions. If the cost of the session is not available to you, please connect with me to see how we can work together to find a solution.

If this sounds like an experience that you could benefit from or would like to gift to someone you know, fill out the contact form below or contact me directly at


I can't wait to connect!


"Hannah is an emotional pipe cleaner. With empathy, compassion, and unmatched wisdom, she is able to help you deep clean the emotional trauma from your life both physically and metaphorically. Very rarely have I felt so heard, seen, validated, cleansed, uplifted, and moved in such a safe space. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my soul while also feeling more grounded and secure. Following my very first session it was the first time in 7 years that I haven't woken up with discomfort in my neck. I cannot recommend this work with Hannah enough."

—  Ari A.

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