At Casa Ixchel

Avenida, Jesús Martínez Ross

Isla Mujeres MX

Mondays 8:30 am & Thursdays 8 am

This is a signature practice to tend to what you are not getting in your daily life in order to cultivate radical aliveness, emotional health, wealth and wisdom.

An integration of my own studies and practices inspired from eastern wisdom and western psychology:

Conscious Breathwork / Sivananda / Kundalini / Yin / Energy Medicine Yoga / Hatha / Reflexology / EFT

For locals. All skill levels welcome.

75 minutes, 150 pesos

Limited mats available for use. Please bring your own mat if possible


By Application


FEB: Accelerated awakening in Costa Rica with Wise Warrior Retreats


"I have never taken a yoga class like that before. I felt like I met myself for the first time."

“Hannah breaks the hearts of everyone in the room wide open, ready for life."

"Hannah's classes make me fall in love with yoga all over again."

“Her work is astoundingly effective, and she had a great grasp on me as a student and dynamically shifted her teaching to accommodate my needs in the moment. I felt held, seen, and accepted—by her and by myself. I cannot recommend working with her any more strongly.”

"I feel so at home in myself during Hannah's classes." 

"I was so moved by Hannah's class. I felt present and centered in my body. I was balanced all day."

"Hannah's classes far exceed my expectations, both physically and mentally. I release so much pent up stuff."


"Practicing with Hannah is a powerful experience. The breath work and meditations released a lot of trapped emotions. The energy being shared in the space gave me more joy than most things I have ever experienced. After the class my body/mind felt completely cleansed and renewed. Hannah showed me that yoga should be a balance between FUN and discipline. I cannot thank her enough for the courage, strength, and wisdom she taught me."

"I am so grateful to learn from Hannah. Her classes make me feel stronger-especially in mind, more relaxed, and very peaceful."


"Hannah's compassion shines through her teaching, allowing her students, including myself, to feel comfortable by just being themselves and tending to their own needs. Her inspiration, knowledge, and kindness both in and out of the yoga studio have helped me in my own practice. I am forever grateful for her."

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