Why I am here. 


I tend to stray away from even using the label yoga teacher because less and less do I even consider myself a teacher of yoga. More and more I find myself skirting around defining my relationship status with yoga teaching and simply stating that I am in the art of healing and becoming. Although I have hundreds of hours of trainings and accreditations, I am less concerned with what I have studied. What interests me more is why I practice. And then how I embody those wisdom teachings in order to guide YOU through YOUR process along the various pathways of your unique journey to liberation. My classes + sessions weave the integration of ancient wisdom with my own experiences and lessons along the spiritual path. In a pretty user friendly way i'd say. But if you are not interested in accessing and listening to the promptings of your soul, then my teachings probably aren't for you. And that is TOTALLY OK. I am here to break hearts open, but I am not the first stop along the inner work journey of the ascension process. It has taken me a long time to accept that, so if you don't like to go deep, then my classes are probably not for you.

If you are into this, then buckle up and let's ride. Check out my offerings below.

Embodied Breathwork Journeys


An hour long practice of a conscious connected breath pattern to the sound of music. Take yourself on a journey into altered states of consciousness. Naturally. 


  • Heal ancestral patterns

  • Clear + re-pattern limiting beliefs 

  • Transmute pain

  • Release trauma 

  • Spiritual awakening

  • Alchemize past life emotional charges in the body

  • Life lesson integration

  • Clarity of mind + heart

  • Connection to intuition and inner knowing

  • Self forgiveness and compassion

And so. much. more. Offered privately in person or virtually. 



At Casa Ixchel

Avenida, Jesús Martínez Ross

Isla Mujeres MX


Modalities + influences:

Sivananda / Kundalini / Yin / TCM / Buddhist philosophy / Energy Medicine Yoga / Hatha / Reflexology / Reiki / EFT / Inner Child re-parenting / Subconscious belief + neurolinguistic programming

For locals. All skill levels welcome.

75 minutes, 150 pesos

Limited mats available for use. Please bring your own mat if possible

Mondays 8:30 am: Yin, Dharma + energy healing

Thursdays 8 am: Breathwork activation + embodied practice for self-liberation and empowerment 

My philosophy is that yoga should be the inner gathering place where we don't have to hide from ourselves. These classes are signature practices to activate your WHOLE self energy, illuminate the blind spots in your own self limiting belief systems and tend to the fragmented parts of self that have been exiled for quite sometime. 

Although each practice is quite different, the objective is the development of an acute state of self awareness and self mastery so that you can always chart your own way back home.


During these classes, you can catch yourself doing the inner work in real time, in the shapes we take and the breath we make (love me some rhymes), and you witness your own resilience and inner strength, the way you can skillfully host discomfort, pain and suffering in ways that train the system how to respond more mindfully and artfully during the throws and changes of daily life. The result is exquisite acceptance of all that is, and a peaceful, self loving attitude toward living. We all crave this deeply, no?

Whether you are a novice or a teacher, you are welcome here. My goal is to plant seeds for you to water in your awakened life. So come as often or as little as you need. These practices are available to all skill levels. Join me to cultivate radical aliveness, emotional health, wealth and wisdom. No need to RSVP just show up. We await you here by the ocean.


1:1 curated yoga + breathwork journeys

By Application


“I would wish for every breath work facilitator to have visited their own darkest spaces inside themselves before they go and facilitate other people. If they haven’t done it, people are going to know it, they are going to sense it intuitively. Are you walking alongside that person when you are facilitating?

If someone doesn’t feel held, they aren’t going to go to the depths or the heights of the experience. Are we willing to be authentic and look at ourselves as facilitators? Are we willing to journey into our own beings deeply enough so we can actually sit alongside someone in their passage and be able to be present without hiding from the unknown that is about to unfold?”

Anthony of Alchemy of Breath 

This is my commitment to you. 

Vibe the F up!


"I have never taken a yoga class like that before. I felt like I met myself for the first time."

“Hannah breaks the hearts of everyone in the room wide open, ready for life."

"Hannah's classes make me fall in love with yoga all over again."

"Every cell in my body feels new. My skin feels different. That breathwork experience was a journey."

“Her work is astoundingly effective, and she had a great grasp on me as a student and dynamically shifted her teaching to accommodate my needs in the moment. I felt held, seen, and accepted—by her and by myself. I cannot recommend working with her any more strongly.”

"I feel so at home in myself during Hannah's classes." 

"I was so moved by Hannah's class. I felt present and centered in my body. I was balanced all day."

"Hannah's classes far exceed my expectations, both physically and mentally. I release so much pent up stuff."


"Practicing with Hannah is a powerful experience. The breath work and meditations released a lot of trapped emotions. The energy being shared in the space gave me more joy than most things I have ever experienced. After the class my body/mind felt completely cleansed and renewed. Hannah showed me that yoga should be a balance between FUN and discipline. I cannot thank her enough for the courage, strength, and wisdom she taught me."

"I am so grateful to learn from Hannah. Her classes make me feel stronger-especially in mind, more relaxed, and very peaceful."


"Hannah's compassion shines through her teaching, allowing her students, including myself, to feel comfortable by just being themselves and tending to their own needs. Her inspiration, knowledge, and kindness both in and out of the yoga studio have helped me in my own practice. I am forever grateful for her."