What people are saying...

Hannah connects with an ease and joy that are simply magnetic.

"Hannah Rose brings wonderful sensitivity, intelligence and playfulness to her work. Her reflexolo-chi™ session left me feeling calm, refreshed and more informed about the power of this gentle healing practice. She shares her skills with a compassion that inform and inspire. I’ve admired her precise and powerful yoga practice for the past year, and became her student, benefitting from her thoughtful cues and balanced approach to the “flow” of a vinyasa class. Hannah is that rare person who connects with children, peers and seniors with an ease and joy that are simply magnetic. If you’re inspired by the energy of a talented wise-beyond-her-years teacher, I encourage you to find and follow the paths to health and wellness Hannah creates."

- D.K., Registered Yoga Instructor

Hannah's reflexolo-chi™ sessions are transformative and deeply relaxing.

"Reflexolo-chi™ with Hannah is transformative! Having received many different healing modalities over the last 30 years it was wonderful to discover this gentle yet powerful form. Hannah’s reflexolo-chi™ always leaves me feeling deeply relaxed, calm and well rested. I feel grounded and better able to face day-to-day challenges. After sessions with Hannah I am able to sleep better at night and I feel a unification of my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Working with Hannah is a joy. She is very professional and clear about the direction of my treatment. Hannah really knows her stuff, and also uses her intuition to tune in. Working with Hannah is wonderful and I can confidently recommend her to anyone!"

- J.G., Certified AcroYoga Teacher and AYfit Trainer

I am forever grateful for her inspiration, knowledge and kindness.

"As soon as I walked into Hannah’s yoga class I felt a connection. The energy in the room was beautiful, and I knew that coming to her classes each week would have an incredible impact on my yoga journey. Hannah allows her students, including myself, to feel comfortable just by her calm and peaceful presence in the room. Her compassion shines through her teaching as she encourages her students to do what feels comfortable for them. Her inspiration, knowledge, and kindness both in and out of the yoga studio have helped me in my own practice. I am forever grateful for her. 

                                                                                                                                                                               -M.K., Registered Yoga Instructor

I felt an energy release and immediate reduction in pain.

"I sought out reflexolo-chi™ due to a long standing (over 8 months) pain on the top of my foot that was resistant to all sorts of treatments (e.g. stretching, heat, icing). During my session with Hannah I felt an energy release and immediate reduction in pain, and near full relief after a second treatment. She also identified tension patterns in other parts of my lower extremities that I continue to work with to maintain balance and avoid overuse that may have led to the foot symptoms in the first place. She is a real healer." 

                                                                                                                                                                                                           - N.B., Physician