Transmute emotional pain into exquisite clarity, peace + pleasure

Soul Truth Teacher + Energy Intuitive + Emotional Breakthrough Healer

The Emotional Orgasm Session: Move from spiritually cockblocked to cosmically liberated so you can release karmic wounding patterns, unconditionally love yourself, and fully serve the 5D mission you intuitively know you came here to lead.


You are a fierce spiritual warrior and a tender hearted seeker.

And like any good warrior, you have moments of PTSD based on lifetimes of conditioned patterns and trauma. You incarnated now for a BIG mission, and you don't want to spend another minute wasting your time. Your inner warrior spirit is done fighting and defending your spiritual path; you are ready for IT to protect YOU, so you can serve humanity with unwavering inner peace, clarity and courage. 

Even though you KNOW how to access your higher self and connect the self healing breadcrumbs, you feel frustrated, guilty and ashamed that after all the inner work you’ve done, you still allow external circumstances or inner narratives to trigger-punch you right off your path. You retreat into old “codependent” or “victimhood” patterns, and you feel powerless. 3D fear based consciousness takes you under and it happens so fast, sometimes you don't even know how or why. Then you resent your human-ness, battle yourself for having chosen to be here, and feel blocked from your inherit joy. 

When this happens, you find yourself at the mercy of the emotional elements: alone, naked, and afraid. This leaves you feeling exhausted, defeated, and exposed. 

You long for harmony but find yourself hiding in denial instead. This cycle repulses you, and you are so ready to do the inner work to stay awake once and for all. You just don't even know what your soul needs right now to re-align you with devotion to your highest path. 

Not to worry, dear one. You are eradicating the roots of your own anxiety and suffering. And lightworking the collective suffering you carry too. You are uncovering even deeper fragmented parts of self that are now knocking on your soul’s door, shiver-begging in the cold for the warmth of your attention. You’ve been doing great work, but now you need guidance to get to that dark, hidden place that no one has the strength to go alone (not even you, my darling)

 I know, because I’ve been there. And it's scary AF. 


By the time I lost my will and true north, all of my unintegrated trauma had already manifested in my physical body as illness. I was so mentally and emotionally ill, that my body started to attack itself in an array of mystery somatic symptoms and auto immune illnesses, which sent me further into a martyrdom spiral. 

I was literally blind and told I wasn’t going to be able to see again.

I knew there had to be a karmic reason my soul would have chosen this for it's highest evolution. What was the trauma I needed to integrate? I sought to uncover and understand the truth. 

What I found in the darkness of my blindspots changed everything.

I learned that I had  to go blind so that my eye doors would shut and I would go inward and finally SEE and confront the root cause of it all. 

I learned how to tend to the parts of self I had neglected, denied and avoided. I have since developed embodied practices to re-pattern the nervous system around trauma, and release residual emotional karmic debts from soul contracts. I learned how to auto-restore organ function. But really restore. 

I became a master of synthesizing the biology of belief, turning my emotions from pity poison into sweet soul-activating nectar.

I want to help you see your blindspots too.

I’m here to shine the light on your hidden shadows.

That’s why I created the ‘Emotional Orgasm’ session from years of my own personal experience and training, combining potent healing methodologies into a unique medicine that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

This single journey will guide you into uncharted territory where you will face fears you didn't even know you were avoiding, purge the need to self abandon when shit gets hard, and emerge with unshakable self-trust and compassion.


What to expect:


Your session will be intuitively guided by my signature Emotional Org system that transmutes the hidden subconscious depth of your karmic wounding into blissful release. Here’s what this means to you, love.


  • Unlock DNA codes that reveal who you really are, where you come from and what your soul needs to know at this time to raise your vibration and unlock your highest possible ascension timeline for your divine purpose soul embodiment

  • Vibe up and stay sovereign as the queen you are, so societal suffering, old inner narratives, family + relationship holding patterns no longer trigger you into PTSD-martyrdom mode

  • Throw the sheets off of memories you don’t even know you have, synthesizing blind spots that are creating blocks and energy leaks that all interconnected (and mucking up your best efforts at manifestation) 

  • Free yourself from dense and messy methods of processing emotion so you can cleanly and clearly respond rather than react in situations that used to confound you. BOOM. 

  • Energetically forgive (like, really) so you can absolve the emotional debts that have you repeating the same relationship patterns over and over again, helping you avoid unconsciously creating new karma

  • Release trapped emotional pain stuck in your body and finally identify its karmic lesson to rescue you from the maddening chronic pain of auto-immune phenomenon and mystery health symptoms

  • Set boundaries and energy hygiene to protect you from absorbing the psychic fields of other people, so that you can say NO to what isn't yours and YES to what you can't see yet but know it's meant for you 

I know, I know for my Type-A’s out there (having been one myself), you need to know what this ACTUALLY looks like in a session. All you need is:


  • A private space

  • A notebook and pen

  • A tissue box

  • Your comfies

  • Any crystals or cool healing shit you feel called to have in your space

  • A yoga mat (which we may or may not use - this is after all intuitively guided)

  • Your present moment self, not your insta self

Ok, and if you are really needing to nerd on the modalities I may or may not include in your session, this is a sneak peak into the alchemy of my Emotional Orgasm system:


  • 'DNA activation' to unlock the karmic codes of who you really are with Pleiadian soul fam guide Hannah 

  • ‘3D to 5D Belief Matrix Reprograming’ with Starseed Hannah 

  • ‘Face Your Fears and Integrate Trauma' Conscious Breathwork Journey with Warrior Princess Hannah

  • ‘Strengthening Inner Child Immunity’ with Cancer Moon Mama Hannah (this is the real deal)

  • ‘Full Body Goosy and Visionary Past-Life Intuitive Downloads’ with Psychic Hannah

  • ‘Break on Through to The Other Side’ Meridian Tapping with Limbic System Whisperer Hannah

  • 'Angel and Ancestor Card Reading + Guidance' with Intuitive Super Hybrid Hannah

  • ‘What Do My Weird Somatic Symptoms Actually Mean’ Biology of Belief Blueprint with Chakra toner Hannah 

  • ‘Cry from The Depths of Your Soul Archives’ Energy Release with Master Light Channeler Hannah

  • ‘Astro Psychology and Natal Chart personality reading’ (you’ll love it, trust me)

  • ‘Energy Medicine Yoga’ with Pocahontas Grandmother Willow Hannah 

  • 'Yum Yum Factor' Therapeutic Reflexology and acupressure adjustments with Magical Hands Hannah

  • ‘Real Parasympathetic Rest’ Yin Restoration with Chinese Medicine + Buddha Nature Hannah 

  • ‘Essential Oil Potions and Natural Remedies’ with Witchy Wilderness Survival Guide Hannah 

  • ‘The Forgotten Secrets of Sacred Play’ with Goofy Potty-Mouth JewCrew Camp Counselor Hannah 

From there, you can just let go and leave the rest to me. I’ve got you. Because each session is guided by spirit, I don’t even know what to expect! Trust me when I say, spirit always knows what’s best. 

The Logistics:

  • Click the ‘Book now’ button below to set up your appointment. The healing begins the moment you schedule, as powerful energies are at play when you instruct a transaction with the universe. 

  • Sessions are $125. Discounts available for packaged sessions and Isla Mujeres residents.

  • I require full payment at time of booking for three reasons:

    • This is an energetic exchange. This is a demonstration of your commitment to your healing and transformation.

    • When you have skin in the game you are less likely to procrastinate your healing and are more likely to show up. Negotiating with your ego on when to book and if it will be worth your time serves no one. If its a hell yes then let's go! If it's a no, you probably wouldn't have kept reading this far. 

    • Honor & respect of one another’s gifts and time. It’s no fun to have to deal with payment at the end of the healing when you are feeling empowered and zen’d out.

  • Sessions may be in person or remote via ZOOM. Quantum Energy is holographic and doesn't give a shit if there's a screen between us. So no more excuses. Let's do it!

  • Once your session is confirmed, I will send you a link to my New Client Form that must be returned to me prior to our work together (it will take you about 10 minutes to complete). 

  • I will send you a zoom link for our session upon receiving your completed form, along with any other necessary details of our session.

  • The frequency of sessions is individualized and organic. 3 session packages are recommended. You are always welcome to connect again if a new blockage is coming up in your life or when you need guidance. You’ll just know if and when you need another one. You can also book a 30 min quickie with me straight from my bookings page. 

  • Still got questions? Contact me.

If this resonates, let's do it!


"My session with Hannah revealed a lot of things I didn't even know needed revealing or even existed. It was extremely powerful for me."


"Hannah is an emotional pipe cleaner. With empathy, compassion, and unmatched wisdom, she is able to help you deep clean the emotional trauma from your life both physically and metaphorically. Very rarely have I felt so heard, seen, validated, cleansed, uplifted, and moved in such a safe space. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my soul while also feeling more grounded and secure. Following my very first session it was the first time in 7 years since my brain surgery that I haven't woken up with discomfort in my neck. I cannot recommend this work with Hannah enough."


"Hannah's work is transformative. In only an hour and a half I walked away without 10+ years of repressed pain. She allows you to be open and vulnerable without an ounce of judgement."


"Hannah has helped me tap into emotions I had been suppressing for years. She guided me on a journey back to myself and my intuition. Her work is truly amazing and I am excited to see were my healing journey will take me next."


"Hannah Rose is a phenomenal healer/therapist. She provides a unique blend of energy work and emotional therapy like I had never experienced before. I have worked in the wellness industry for 30 years now and I highly recommend working with Hannah Rose. Be open to the process and session and you will be amazed."


"When I work with Hannah I can feel the energy move and become unstuck in my body. Hannah reminds me how to return back to who I am and is teaching me how to harness my energy to create the life I deserve."


"Hannah's breadth of knowledge, experience, and compassion coupled with a deep understanding for old world practices and new world tools provides an experience, which truly leaves me speechless."


"Hannah Rose brings wonderful sensitivity, intelligence and playfulness to her work. She has the rare ability to connect to human nature with an ease and joy that are simply magnetic. If you’re inspired by the energy of a talented wise-beyond-her-years teacher, I encourage you to find and follow the paths to health and wellness Hannah Rose creates."


"Hannah helped me identify and release past and present trauma. Hannah Rose's approach to spiritual healing is compassionate and intelligent. Working with her has led to breakthroughs in my life."


“Hannah Rose's sessions are one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. She coached and guided me through changing my inner dialog until my body relaxed and believed it, letting go of the tension it stored in specific places. I left feeling light, happy and more peaceful than I have felt in a long time. Hannah Rose is such an amazing, inspiring and loving person and I feel that way when I am around her."


"Hannah taught me how to be authentically myself, choose joy, and see things for what they are and not take the ego point of view. I cannot thank Hannah enough."


Vibe the F up!