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Take yoga to the playground and explore mindfulness, meditation and connection in an innovative way. Classes are designed for all skill levels and experience.


Where bodywork meets emotional therapy. Learn what your body is really trying to tell you when you are in pain, or repeating self limiting patterns. Discover your own intuitive power to release physical and emotional tension from years of build up in the body and mind.  


Practice in paradise. Custom classes for all skill levels and experience. Stand up paddleboard yoga in the ocean, sunrise yoga on the beach, vinyasa, restore and more. Class schedule, times and locations to fit your needs.

Plus looking for that private session?


The "Wake Up Call" to change your life

My work is incredibly intuitive as well as personal. In addition to my formal training, I draw upon the wisdom from my own trauma, injuries and illness to facilitate healing. In order for a lot of us to change our lifestyle, we need the “wake up call.”

How did you get into holistic healing? 

In my youth I had a series of unknown auto-immune illnesses that left me chronically ill, depressed and physically blind in my eyes. The doctors said I would never see again. I was victimized, hopeless and desperate for answers.

Throughout the painful procedures of invasive medicine I knew deep down there had to be another way.

In 2010 I sought out alternative medicine to get to the root cause of my blindness and autoimmune illness. Through energy healing and innovative mind-body therapies I learned the truth about what my physical illnesses were trying to tell me about my mental & emotional state of mind. 

Why Reflexolo-chi™?

The practice of Reflexolo-chi™ and subconscious belief work are the reason I can see again today. In sharing my experience through my work, my hope is that you also uncover that you are your greatest teacher. It is possible to tap into the transformational wisdom within you to heal anything. Anything is possible. 

Why Yoga?

I started yoga in 2008 as a form of rehabilitation after a spinal injury that ended my pre-olympic competitive gymnastics career. The physical practice evolved into a deeper spiritual practice of strength and endurance. Yoga continued to support me during my years overseas in the Israeli Military and upon my reintegration into the USA.

My classes and sessions are all about reclaiming your power in order to heal your body and mind holistically. 

Learn about your next opportunity for growth 

Certified Reflexologist, Reflexolo-chi™ method

RYT 200, Energy Medicine Yoga

SUP Yoga certified & ACA Level 1

Subconscious belief certified

Young Living Essential Oils Distributor


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