Healing through vulnerability, connection and play



A blend of yoga, intuitive movement, dance, breath work & meditation. Release trapped emotion, detoxify the body and restore harmony to mind & spirit. Practice with me in person in the paradise of Isla Mujeres, MX



Sacred women's circles for deep connection, community and purpose. Re-connect to divine feminine healing through dance, lunar wisdom, ancient mystery tools and rituals. 


About Hannah Rose

Hi I am Hannah Rose!


I am here to make the process of healing trauma magically profound, joyful and completely transformative. In addition to my formal training, I call upon the wisdom from my own life experience to facilitate healing. 

If your'e here, you are ready to be vulnerable with yourself to do the inner work. That also means your'e ready to let loose a little and have fun with the process!

After going blind when I was 18, I had to become the heroine of my own story when there was nowhere else to turn, when nothing short of a miracle would have saved me. The moment that I understood my illness from a higher perspective, and who I was meant to be, I began to miraculously heal… when no one said I would. 

Today, I’m a holistic healer, movement instructor and transformation coach. With years of experience in reflexology, yoga and energy healing, I teach globally, helping hundreds of people break free from limiting beliefs and illnesses in order to manifest the life of their dreams.


Activities Director

Hi I am Luna!

I am a big part of my momma's playful approach to healing. I was rescued by her best friends and since then I haven't left her side. We travel the world together and I join every session and event that I can.

I love sunning myself on the beach, hiking, belly rubs and tortillas. 


"Hannah's classes move me deeply. Practicing with her helps me fall in love with myself over and over again."

"Hannah is an absolute gem. Her work is so transformative, I truly can’t recommend it enough. In only an hour and a half I feel like I walked away without 10+ years of repressed pain. She allows you to be open and  vulnerable without an ounce of judgement."

"Hannah's breadth of knowledge, experience, and compassion coupled with a deep understanding for old world practices and new world tools provides an experience, which truly leaves me speechless."

"When I work with Hannah I can feel the energy move and become unstuck in my body. Hannah reminds me how to return back to who I am and is teaching me how to harness my energy to create the life I deserve."

"Since I worked through limiting beliefs with Hannah and how being injured made me feel as an athlete and fitness instructor, I haven’t had pain in my foot at all."

"Hannah took me on both an enriching & fun-loving journey that helped me laugh at my fears and pains and smile ear to ear as I let them go. She guides you to surrender your guards and tensions in all the beautiful ways you could hope for in spiritual healing in order to return back into an open state of grounded & happy."

"Hannah has helped me tap into emotions I had been suppressing for years. She guided me on a journey back to myself and my intuition. Her work is truly amazing and I am excited to see were my healing journey will take me next."

"Hannah Rose is a phenomenal healer/therapist. She provides a unique blend of body work and emotional therapy like I had never experienced before. I should mention this is not my first wellness rodeo. I have worked in the wellness and recreation industry for 30 years now and have had the pleasure of experiencing many different types of  yoga; mind/body; holistic healing therapies; therapeutic bodywork; energy work; and even traditional counseling. I highly recommend working with Hannah. Be open to the process and session and you will be amazed."

"Hannah is a diamond in the rough that I feel lucky to have found on my last visit to Isla Mujeres, MX. I am an avid yogi, practice daily and have done so for many years. I found Hannah to be one of the best teachers I have ever had. I was hooked after just one hour with her and attended every available session with her, until my departure. She is knowledgeable, joyful and an inspiration." 

"My healing session with Hannah was transformative. She knows how to create and hold a beautiful space for healing."

"Hannah helped me identify and release past and present trauma through tapping. Hannah Rose's approach to spiritual healing is compassionate and intelligent. Working with her has led to breakthroughs in my life."

"Hannah taught me how to be authentically myself, choose joy, and see things for what they are and not take the ego point of view. I cannot thank Hannah enough."

"Hannah's teaching is so powerful. After I take her classes I have vivid dreams, I feel connected to my intuition, in tune with my emotions and just overall awakened."


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